Equipment & Analytical Products

Our world-class wastewater testing equipment, microbial application solutions, and analytical products represent the state of the art in wastewater characterization and treatment.

All Monera products come backed with expert support and our 30+ years of experience in the biological wastewater treatment space. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Analytical Products

AMPULMATIC® Bench-Scale Ampule Filler/Sealer

Proven reliability and easy adjustment have made the AMPULMATIC Ampule Filler/Sealer the No. 1 choice for the flame sealing of ampules at the lab bench, pilot and small production- scale. An optional, plug-in filling unit can be configured to automatically fill each ampule with inert gas or a precisely measured quantity of liquid.

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Accu-TEST® COD Testing Products

Accu-TEST COD reactor blocks and twist-cap vials offer an easy-to-use, accurate solution to COD measurement needs. The EPA-accepted, Hach-compatible products offer an economical method for rapid determination of wastewater contaminant strength.

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BI-2000® Electrolytic Respirometer

The BI-2000 automatic, computer-controlled microbial respirometer for microbial oxygen uptake and Biochemical Oxygen demand (BOD) testing offers easy setup, individual reactor control (including stirring rate), stability and precision, even for long-term tests.

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Wastewater Testing

MICROCAT® Wastewater Testing Kit

The MICROCAT Wastewater Test Kit packages premium selected analytical equipment and test kits for easy evaluation and monitoring of wastewater and wastewater treatment performance.

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Fixed-Film Reactors

BTX Biotreaters

BTX biological, submerged, fixed-film reactors are unsurpassed for stability and ease of operation compared to conventional packaged activated sludge systems.

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Product Feeders

MICROCAT® Dry Product Feeder

MICROCAT Dry Product Feeders automatically mix specific amounts of dry microbial products with water, aerating and activating the mixture, then dispense the suspension at predetermined intervals.

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MICROCAT® Liquid Product Feeder

The MICROCAT Liquid Product Feeder automatically mixes dispenses specific amounts of liquid microbial formulations at predetermined intervals.

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Plastic Media

BIOFILL® Plastic Media

Made of molded thermoplastic and highly resistant to chemical, physical and biological agents, BIOFILL provides maximum surface area to promote the growth of beneficial microbes in wastewater treatment facilities.

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