BI-2000® Quality Program

The BI-2000 is a sophisticated, highly accurate system for measuring, recording and presenting data from microbial respiration experiments.

The data resulting from these experiments are used in many critical applications requiring a high degree of accuracy and precision.

That’s why Bioscience has instituted the five-point BI-2000 Quality Program under its ISO 9001:2008 Certification, ensuring the respirometer you receive will provide you with accurate results and reliable service.

1. Pre-Production Quality Assurance

Quality is built into each BI-2000. Each supplier and component is subjected to our internal approval process before acceptance. In addition, we impose a regular maintenance schedule on all of our manufacturing equipment, meticulously checking it to ensure quality performance.

2. In-Process Quality Control

Each BI-2000 sub-assembly is calibrated and checked as it is integrated into the system. Final calibration and manufacturing testing is performed on the assembled system before it moves on to performance testing. All in-process quality checks are documented and filed in the quality records for each system.

3. Performance Testing

During performance testing, the calibration of all user interface functions – both software and hardware – of each system is confirmed. In addition, each system is run for 72 hours under actual experimental conditions. Detailed documentation is maintained on all criteria of the performance test and filed in the quality records for each system.

4. Documentation

Complete documentation of the quality program for each system is maintained. This includes inventory maintenance and supplier information, manufacturing equipment maintenance records, all in-process QC performance test results and shipping check records.

5. Customer Service

Bioscience’s customer service department distributes software updates and technical and application bulletins, and offers traditional technical support for user questions and problems. We pride ourselves on offering experienced application support and the capability to customize the BI-2000 for your specific application.

The BI-2000 from Bioscience: No valves, no condensate, no tubing, no gas flow-through – just precision testing. Contact us to request additional information.