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Using Probiotics in Shrimp Farming & Aquaculture

Farmed shrimp (usually in high density aquaculture) are especially vulnerable to disease.  Antibiotics have historically been used to control disease outbreaks in shrimp aquaculture.  But the combination of  microbial resistance and consumer resistance to the use of antibiotics creates a need for alternatives for disease control in shrimp farming operations.  The use of specialized, preselected microbial additives to enhance productivity and quality in shrimp aquaculture is becoming increasingly common.  This study explains the use of probiotics and specialized microbial products in aquaculture.

Test results yielded excellent results with the use of probiotics.

  • Production rate increased by 25-40%.
  • Final weight of the shrimp increased by 30%.
  • Survival rate improved by 49%.
  • Increased in profit of $62 per hectare.

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Probiotics for Shrimp