FOG Solutions for Restaurants, Bars & Hospitality

Safe, natural MICROCAT® microbial products from Monera are specially formulated to keep commercial kitchens and institutions running smoothly.

Composed of a unique combination of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients, MICROCAT products can help solve common problems related to the production and preparation of food products.

MICROCAT microbial formulations can help your commercial kitchen or institution achieve stable, sustainable operation.

By promoting the biodegradation of undesirable waste material, such as fat, oil and grease (FOG), MICROCAT microbial products for commercial applications can inexpensively:

  • Prevent the clogging of grease traps and drains
  • Break down and digest greases, oils, fats and fibrous proteins
  • Reduce buildup of hydrogen sulfide and other malodors
  • Promote biological processing of proteins, sugars and carbohydrates, reducing BOD – and pressure on downstream wastewater treatment plants
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ProductPrimary Use CaseDatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-ARCSTreating fat, oil and grease in drain lines of food service establishments.Datasheet
MICROCAT-BFLBiological floor cleaner, where greasy accumulations are often present.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-BioPOPReducing odors and FOG in used water systems. Slow-dissolving and suspended.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-DNTRFDegrading greases and fats in plumbing and sewer systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-ECLRemoving and reducing odor from fats, oils, greases, starches and proteins.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-FLNaturally cleaning drainsand floors. Foaming formula.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-GELControlling FOG, starches and proteins in toilets, drains, traps, plumbing systems and septic tanks.DatasheetSDS
MICROSANMicrobial-based products for application in kitchens, restaurants and other commercial facilities.Datasheet
MICROCAT-PCMaintaining the clarity of water in decorative ponds and aquaria.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-PTLMaintaining, cleaning and deodorizing sinks, floor/ shower drains and P-traps.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SKAbsorbing and degrading oil.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SMALCleaning fat, oil and grease deposits on concrete, macadam, pipes, walls and floors.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SMPLCleaning hydrocarbon deposits and spills on hard surfaces.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-STDeodorizing and activating microbial activity in septic systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XRCAbsorbing and biodegrading spills of petroleum hydrocarbons and related wastes.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XRCPAbosorbing and biodegrading large-scale spills of petroleum hydrocarbons and related wastes.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XRTCleaning ship and boat bilges and related sump collection systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XSKeeping septic systems in a high state of activity and drain fields clear and free-flowing.DatasheetSDS

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