Microbial Solutions for Residences & Septic Systems

Safe, natural MICROCAT® microbial products from Monera can help keep residential septic systems in a high state of activity, and drain fields clear and free-flowing.

Composed of an all-natural blend of microbes, neutralizers, deodorizers and activators for cleaning and deodorizing plumbing fixtures and systems, MICROCAT products can help alleviate common problems associated with septic systems.

Grease, fat, cellulose and related materials tend to solidify and build up in plumbing and septic systems. In addition, detergents and other household chemicals tend to reduce essential microbial breakdown activity in septic systems. MICROCAT products are formulated to accelerate the breakdown of odor-causing compounds and other materials, and alleviate the ill effects of household chemicals.

MICROCAT microbial formulations can help your septic system achieve stable, sustainable operation.

When used regularly, MICROCAT microbial formulations can:

  • Save homeowners money on plumbing, septic system and drain field maintenance
  • Clean and deodorize fixtures and systems
  • Minimize cleaning and pump-out needs
  • Improve poorly flowing drain fields
  • Re-start biodegradation activity after septic tank maintenance
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ProductPrimary Use CaseDatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-BioPOPReducing odors and FOG in used water systems. Slow-dissolving and suspended.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-GELControlling FOG, starches and proteins in toilets, drains, traps, plumbing systems and septic tanks.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-PCMaintaining the clarity of water in decorative ponds and aquaria.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-PTLMaintaining, cleaning and deodorizing sinks, floor/ shower drains and P-traps.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SKAbsorbing and degrading oil.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SMALCleaning fat, oil and grease deposits on concrete, macadam, pipes, walls and floors.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SMPLCleaning hydrocarbon deposits and spills on hard surfaces.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-STDeodorizing and activating microbial activity in septic systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XSKeeping septic systems in a high state of activity and drain fields clear and free-flowing.DatasheetSDS

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