BTX Biotreaters

BTX Biotreaters provide superior treatment and pretreatment of industrial wastewater and groundwater, enclosed in a modular, prefabricated package.

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BTX biological, submerged, fixed-film reactors from Bioscience, Inc., are unsurpassed for stability and ease of operation compared to conventional packaged activated sludge systems.

Inexpensive to install, self-controlling and transportable by roadway, they are suitable for the treatment and pretreatment of:

  • Industrial, institutional, commercial and domestic wastewater
  • Surface water and groundwater in site remediation projects
  • Drinking water

Unique Flexibility, Unparalleled Reliability

BTX Biotreaters can handle nearly any biotreatment project – aerobic, anoxic or anaerobic, and from small (500 gallons/day) to large (225,000 gallons/day).

Originally developed to effectively treat and pretreat wastewater from hotels, motels and small industrial plants, BTX systems have proved effective in on-site decontamination of groundwaters, surface waters and wastewaters containing hazardous materials. BTX’s totally enclosed design allows for uniquely effective treatment of difficult-to-degrade organic compounds.

The BTX Systems Offering Includes:

  • Thorough biotreatment of difficult-to-degrade organics
  • Treatment of volatile and non-volatile compounds
  • Breakdown of complex mixtures
  • Pollution reduction

Easy, Hands-off Operation

Because the biological media is fixed in each reactor, the BTX system requires no interstage clarification, sludge separation or sludge recycling. Because each unit is completely self-contained, BTX systems are ideally suited to in-plant pollution prevention applications.


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