MICROCAT® Dry Product Feeder

MICROCAT® Dry Product Feeders are the easiest, most-cost effective way to apply dry, powdered microbial products from Monera.

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MICROCAT Dry Product Feeders are simply the easiest way to deploy dry, powdered microbial products.

The use of automated product dispensing is required or preferred for many MICROCAT product applications.

MICROCAT Dry Product Feeders automatically mix specific amounts of dry microbial products with water, aerating and activating the mixture, then dispense the suspension at predetermined intervals.

There’s no easier way to deploy powdered MICROCAT formulas in:

  • Grease traps and interceptors
  • Wastewater collection system lift stations
  • Wastewater treatment plant tankage, including aeration basins

MICROCAT Dry Product Feeder Features:

  • Tough plastic outer shell and resistant, lockable latches
  • Easily adjustable product dosing schedules
  • Heated internal compartments, for consistent year-round operation

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