BIOFILL® Plastic Media

BIOFILL® plastic media from Monera is the efficient way to support stable, sustainable biotreatment of wastewater.

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BIOFILL is the efficient way to support stable, sustainable wastewater biotreatment.

Made of molded thermoplastic and highly resistant to chemical, physical and biological agents, BIOFILL provides maximum surface area to promote the growth of beneficial microbes in wastewater treatment facilities. With three sizes available, there’s a BIOFILL for any trickling filter, septic tank, moving bed bioreactor (MBBR) system, or municipal, chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical wastewater treatment facility.

BIOFILL Benefits Include:

  • Improved effluent quality
  • Increased treatment capacity
  • Nitrification enhancement
  • Elimination of fumes, gas, dust and odors
  • Reduction of biosolids


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