Bioaugmentation & Waste Treatment For Distributors

Partner with Monera to give your clients in wastewater treatment, agriculture, aquaculture and commercial applications a comprehensive bioaugmentation solution that goes beyond surface-level symptoms and solves issues at the source—saving a great deal of time and expense for everyone involved.

Benefits That Make You Better

Monera gives you everything you need to address client waste challenges head-on and with confidence, including tools, technology and solution-focused support. Expand your offering, capability and customer reach with a bioaugmentation solution that makes you better able to meet your client’s needs.

Put a Tiny Army to Work For Your Clients

Our dedicated team has more than 100 years’ combined experience wielding this microbial power to overcome a multitude of waste treatment challenges.

High quality bioaugmentation solutions for:

  • Municipal & industrial wastewater plants
  • Agriculture & aquaculture farms
  • Commercial businesses
  • Homeowners

Tackle Waste Problems Before They Really Get Messy

Most treatment options stop short of addressing the underlying cause of a waste-related problem. This opens the door to symptom recurrence and unforeseen costs. Monera’s holistic approach helps you diagnose and remedy what’s happening underneath. So, you can solve client problems before they escalate into something worse.

Already A Monera Partner?

Certified distributors of Monera products have access to a full range of sales support tools, from our expert staff to a set of PDF datasheets. If you’re currently a distributor of MICROCAT microbial formulations or Bioscience analytical products and equipment, click below for complimentary access to promotional datasheets and safety data sheets (SDS) for all our products.

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