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Ampulmatic-10 System ECBC Article

The Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) is using the Ampulmatic-10 Ampoule Sealer to produce dilute agent solutions.

The Ampulmatic-10 Ampule Sealer

The Ampulmatic-10 Ampule Sealer improves the speed, efficiency and safety of their production.

The article quotes Brandon Bruey, a Chemist at the CTF, who uses the Ampulamtic-10 Sealer.  “Once the flame temperature and weld times are set, the ampule sealer will produce a more uniform seal for all ampules,” he said. “It takes human error out of the equation.”  “The machine didn’t eliminate the work,” Bruey said. “It just made it simpler and improved the quality of our product.”

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