BI-2000 Laboratory Respirometer

Years of field-proven reliability and consistent, long-term accuracy have made Monera's BI-2000® the gold standard in laboratory respirometers.

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The BI-2000 offers ease of use, stability and precision in automatic, computer-controlled aerobic/anaerobic, biodegradability, biotreatability and bioremediation testing, as well as toxicity screening surveys and bioaugmentation analysis.

Designed for superior flexibility and expandability, it is the ideal respirometer for monitoring microbial metabolism in soil, wastewater and groundwater.

The BI-2000 doesn’t just measure respiration rates. It manages the experimental process, allowing users to review acquired data in tabular and/or graphical form, save data for subsequent processing, and much more.

From its precision-ground glass joints to its industry-leading temperature controls and sensitivity, the BI-2000 is simply the top respirometer available for experiments where isolated atmospheres and precise measurement are desired.

While we are no longer manufacturing the BI-2000, we do have several reconditioned units available for sale, and we continue to provide replacement parts.

BI-2000 Features:

  • Easy setup
  • Proven precision in long-term studies
  • Full flexibility, including the option to scale from eight to 16 reactors
  • Individual reactor controls (including stirring rate)
  • Individual reactor oxygen supply
  • Individual reactor mixing
  • Automatic, real-time data presentation
  • Automatic barometric pressure compensation
  • Built-in reactor leak testing
  • Specialized reactors designed for testing soil, large volume samples, samples requiring high or low oxygen and anaerobic testing
  • Windows-based control software and interface
  • Easy maintenance and repair in the field
  • Unmatched technical support and applications assistance

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