Case Studies

Foaming and Filament Reduction

Reducing foam and filaments at a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Product Applied

MICROCAT®-DNTRF Fat, Oil and Grease Degrading Bioformula


Reduce the filament infestation and foaming caused by excessive fat, oil and grease in the influent wastewater coming into the treatment plant.

Treatment System

The municipal wastewater treament system is a conventional oxidation ditch with a daily flow of 350,000 gallons/day (1325 cubic meters/day).

Product Application

A daily application of 2 pounds per day of MICROCAT- DNTRF is made directly to the aerated portion of the oxidation ditch system.


MICROCAT®-DNTRF Fat, Oil and Grease Degrading Bioformula did an excellent job in reducing the foam and filaments, reestablishing a healthy biomass, increasing clarifier settling rates and reducing effluent TSS and BOD.

MICROCAT® is a registered trademark of Bioscience, Inc.


AFTER (22 days with MICROCAT® – DNTRF)