Case Studies

Farm Pond Cleanup

Midwestern US Farm Pond Cleanup Using Microcat ® AL3 Pond Cleaner


A three-acre farm pond containing approximately 9 million gallons of spring water and rainwater runoff in the Midwestern United States is experiencing high suspended solids with related fish die off. The fish population includes 5 lb bass, blue gill and crappie bass. The problem is more acute in the warm summer months. The farmer had used a variety of chemical solutions including copper sulfate, but with only limited success.


The primary objective is to reduce the suspended solids in a cost effective, environmentally-friendly manner without resorting to ineffective and potentially toxic chemical products that could negatively impact vegetation and wildlife.


A total of 25 pounds of MICROCAT – AL3 Pond and Lake Cleaner are applied to the pond surface at regular intervals during the spring and early summer. The dry, powdered product is mixed with warm water and distributed over the surface of the pond using a small boat.

Results and Conclusions

Two weeks after initial product addition the pond solids are dramatically reduced. The results have continued throughout the summer months, and fish and other aquatic life are flourishing.

The application of of MICROCAT – AL3 Natural Pond Cleaner demonstrated the quick and effective reduction of biological solids in farm ponds and improved pond clarity even under sunny, warm weather conditions.

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