Wastewater Solutions for Municipalities

MICROCAT® microbial formulations from Monera are blends of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients that work together to solve the most common, damaging problems inherent to municipal wastewater plants.

By augmenting existing microbial populations, MICROCAT products naturally aid in stabilizing municipal sewage treatment and collection systems, enhancing their ability to break down difficult-to-degrade wastes and handle highly variable waste treatment conditions.

Whether applied as part of a routine maintenance plan or in an emergency, MICROCAT microbial formulations can help your mid-sized or large municipal wastewater treatment plant achieve stable, sustainable peak operation.

MICROCAT products have been specially formatted to handle:

  • Odor and corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide buildup
  • Non-chemical treatment of poor sludge settlement in primary clarifiers
  • Problem foaming
  • Erratic BOD and COD reduction
  • Fat, oil and grease (FOG) buildup
  • Insufficient ammonia oxidation
  • Nearly any problem faced by municipal wastewater treatment professionals

MICROCAT products can be used in biological treatment systems ranging from activated sludge to trickling filters, from biodiscs to oxygen activated sludge and on wastes ranging from chlorinated aromatics to ammonia.

More Than a Product

At Monera, we’re focused on producing results, not just pushing product. We aim to solve the root problem behind waste processing problems, not simply treat symptoms. Thus, we only deploy MICROCAT formulations in municipal wastewater plants after extensive analysis and investigation by our team of seasoned professionals.

As a result, MICROCAT bioaugmentation enables municipal wastewater treatment professionals to enjoy:

  • Consistently effective solutions
  • Reduced maintenance costs and environmental liability
  • Easy, direct product application
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ProductPrimary Use CaseDatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-24Enhancing growth of naturally occurring bacterial cultures used to digest waste and reduce obnoxious odors.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-ADStimulating/re-establishing biological activity in anaerobic systems and anaerobic sludge digesters.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-ALReducing suspended solids in water bodies.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-ALNReducing stringy suspended solids in water bodies.SDS
MICROCAT-ANLControlling odor and enhancing biodegradation for sludge, compost and wastewater.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-ANSRLControlling odor and enhancing biodegradation in sludge drying beds and compost piles.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-BEBalancing and enhancing natural microbial performance in wastewater systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-BioPOPReducing odors and FOG in used water systems. Slow-dissolving and suspended.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-CCComposting agricultural, industrial and domestic refuse and sludge.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-DENRemoving nitrate from wastewater under anoxic conditions.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-DFSuppressing foam in aeration tanks and sludge digesters.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-DF213Suppressing foam in aeration tanks and sludge digesters.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-DNTRFDegrading greases and fats in plumbing and sewer systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-ECLRemoving and reducing odor from fats, oils, greases, starches and proteins.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-GELControlling FOG, starches and proteins in toilets, drains, traps, plumbing systems and septic tanks.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-LFEnhancing microbial performance in facultative lagoons and ponds.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SKAbsorbing and degrading oil.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SMALCleaning fat, oil and grease deposits on concrete, macadam, pipes, walls and floors.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SMPLCleaning hydrocarbon deposits and spills on hard surfaces.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SRReducing sludge at wastewater treatment plants receiving municipal sewage discharges.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-STMEnhancing microbial performance in wastewater systems, facultative lagoons and aerated ponds.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SXEnhancing microbial performance in sewage treatment plants.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-SXMRFBreaking down fats, oils and greases in wastewater plants and sewer systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-TMTrace mineral blend for enhancing biological processing of soils and wastewater.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-UASBMaintaining and activating microbial activity in UASB wastewater treatment systems.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-VNBAF2Stimulating biological activity and maintaining biomass in biological air filters.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XFInhibiting filamentous growth in wastewater treatment plants.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XNL/XNCOxidizing ammonia in wastewater treatment plants.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XRDegrading chemicals in wastewater plants.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XRCAbsorbing and biodegrading spills of petroleum hydrocarbons and related wastes.DatasheetSDS
MICROCAT-XRCPAbosorbing and biodegrading large-scale spills of petroleum hydrocarbons and related wastes.DatasheetSDS

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