Case Studies

Foam Control in a Food Processing Wastewater SBR Treatment Unit

Cost-Effective Biological Foam Control Using Microcat ® DF Defoamer



The sequencing batch reactor activated sludge plant (SBR) operating on a potato processing wastewater is experiencing a severe foaming episode.  The foam can reach three inches in depth reducing the efficiency of the surface aerators and causing odors. The treatment system consists of primary filtration and an SBR aeration tank/secondary clarifier.



The primary objective is to reduce the foam in a cost effective manner without severe reduction in aeration efficiency.


Five pounds of MICROCAT – DF Defoamer is applied to the SBR on day one and 1.7 lbs/day thereafter.

Results and Conclusions

Two days after initial product addition the foam is dramatically reduced.



The application of MICROCAT – DF Defoamer shows that this product can quickly and significantly reduce foams of biological origin in wastewater treatment plants treating potato processing wastewaters in a cost effective manner.

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