Biodegradation of FOG in Collection Systems

This white paper explains how the natural process of bioaugmentation can break down fats, oils, and greases (FOG) in collection systems and wastewater treatment plants.

White Paper: Biodegradation of Fats, Oils and Greases in Collection Systems

MICROCAT-SXMRF grease and fat control bioformula is used in collection systems, lift/pump stations, biological wastewater treatment plants, and aerobic and anaerobic sludge digesters. It is formulated with grease and fat (FOG) degraders for enhancement of plant operation and maintenance of free flowing sewer lines and lift/pump stations. MICROCAT-SXMRF contains a combination of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms selected from nature for their ability to break down a broad range of substances encountered in domestic wastes and sludges including greases, fats, proteins and polysaccharides. Contact Bioscience, Inc. for more information about how to use Microcat-SXMRF to improve the operation of your wastewater system.