Case Studies

Elimination of oil stains in a fast food takeout lane

MICROCAT®-SMPL  Hydrocarbon Cleaner/Degrader was added to remove oil stains from a fast food takeout car lane.

Objective of Treatment

Eliminate the oil stains on the pavement and treat hydrocarbons in an environmentally safe way.

Site History

In an area where cars stop frequently to pick up fast food, they drop small amouts of oil and other hydrocarbons on the pavement. This not only includes motor oil, but also on occasion diesel fuel and gasoline. These residuals are difficult to remove, and they should not be simply removed and discharged directly to the environment or into the sewer system without treatment.

Methodology Used

1.) The area of the hydrocarbon stains was wetted with water at ambient temperatures
2.) After a few minutes MICROCAT®-SMPL hydrocarbon remover was sprayed over the entire stained area
3.) After 15 minutes the area was washed with a hose
4.) After 15 minutes the procedure was repeated


After the 2 applications of MICROCAT®-SMPL a significant reduction in the recent hydrocarbon stains was observed. Some of the older stains proved to be somewhat resistant to complete removal.


MICROCAT®-SMPL was very efficient at removing stains that were one to two weeks old, however stains that were several months old or more resisted removal. In order to keep the area clear of stains it is therefore recommended that cleaning with SMPL be undertaken at least every two weeks.

Other Observations

MICROCAT®-SMPL removed fresh diesel spills almost immediately. Gasoline stains were removed after about two minutes and it took between 10 and 20 minutes to remove oil depending on the type spilled and the age of the spill.

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