Bioscience moves to Postal Road in Allentown

Bioscience, Inc., one of the nation’s leading suppliers of adapted microbial strains for wastewater treatment and spill clean-up, has moved its headquarters and manufacturing operations to new facilities in Allentown, Pa. The company was formerly located in the Bethlehem (Pa.) Industrial Park.

The new 11,000-sq.-ft. space will “dramatically improve manufacturing efficiency through the use of automated equipment,” according to company president Thomas G. Zitrides.

It will also enable the company to expand its laboratories now doing research into microbial formulations, wastewater treatability, and soil and groundwater clean-up strategies, he said. Zitrides said enlarged facilities were made necessary by expanded worldwide demand for products to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment. Bioscience markets its products and services in Europe, Asia, Central America and South America, as well as in the U.S., where improvements in biological treatment make it possible to reclaim water for agriculture and other uses. The company also makes analytical instruments for testing wastewater characteristics such as BOD, COD and treatability, and markets packaged biotreatment plants.

Bioscience expects future increases in technical and support staff at the new location, Zitrides said.

Founded in 1984 at the Ben Franklin Technology Center in Bethlehem, Pa., the company’s initial focus was on improving the treatment of difficult waste streams from chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and pulp and paper making processes. It now has over 50 microbial products used in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, oily water reclamation and recycling, aquaculture, agriculture, soil remediation and drain, trap and sewer line maintenance.

Through internal development and acquisition, Bioscience has established a complementary line of wastewater test kits and electronic instruments for monitoring the organic content of wastewaters and their biodegradability. Services include biodegradation and biotreatability studies and engineering scale-up for bioremediation projects. The new production facilities will be monitored and controlled by the company’s ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certification Program.

For further information, call 484-245-5232, visit the company website at or e-mail