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ALLENTOWN, PA (May 25): A bioformula for hydocarbon degradation, Microcat®-XBS, is being used to decontaminate soil collected from military bases in Iraq, according to a spokesman for its manufacturer, Bioscience, Inc.

The product, which contains strains of naturally occurring bacteria, is specifically formulated to solve problems associated with spillage and other forms of contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons. It is effective on crude petroleum, gasoline and diesel fuel, machining oils, hydraulic fluids, solvents, monomers and petroleum derivatives, including chlorinated organics.

“Several thousand pounds” of Microcat-XBS have been supplied for use at a collection site designed for treatment of extracted soil.

In addition the company has furnished extensive instruction manuals dealing with soil bioremediation, technical papers on the subject and a guide to calculating the amount of biological additives required for a given volume of soil.

The decontamination method at Camp Adder, Talil AB Iraq, is known as spill farming, in which the contaminated soil is piled in windrows and sprayed with water containing Microcat-XBS plus necessary nutrients. The windrows are turned mechanically to provide the aeration required for microbial growth and reduction of hydrocarbon content.

For further information contact Bioscience at, FAX 484-245-5236 or call 800-627-3069.