Case Studies

Removal of oil stains from an airport hangar floor

MICROCAT®-SMPL Hydrocarbon Cleaner/Degrader  and MICROCAT®-XR Hydrocarbon Degrading Bioformula were added to remove oil stains from airport hangar floors prior to recoating the floors with new epoxy paint.

Treatment Objective

Effectively remove the oil stains on the concrete floors and resultant treat hydrocarbon water mixtures in an environmentally safe and responsible way – as “green” as possible – in preparation for painting.

Site History

In hangars where airplanes are kept, dripping oil and other hydrocarbons make stains on the concrete floors. This not only includes motor oil, but also on occasion diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid and gasoline. These residuals are difficult to remove, and they should not be removed and simply discharged directly to the environment or into the sewer system without treatment.


1.) MICROCAT®-SMPL Hydrocarbon Cleaner/Degrader is diluted and sprayed over the entire floor surface.
2.) Then MICROCAT®-XR Hydrocarbon Degrader is mixed
at a ratio of 25 pounds (11.3 kg) to 110 gallons (0.42 m3) of water, and then scrubbed into the floor surface using a broom. The floor is kept wet for 24-48 hours by misting from a water hose. The floor is then hosed off and the mixture is discharged to the sewer.
3.) The floor is cleaned with a peroxide solution in order to eliminate biological activity and allowed to dry.
4.) The floor is now ready for epoxy paint application.


MICROCAT®-SMPL Hydrocarbon Cleaner/Degrader and MICROCAT®-XR Hydrocarbon Degrader did an excellent job of removing dirt, oil and grease from the concrete floor in preparation for application of epoxy coating.


MICROCAT®-SMPL Hydrocarbon Cleaner/Degrader and MICROCAT-XR Hydrocarbon Degrader can be used individually or in combination to remove dirt, oil, grease and other hydrocarbon stains from concrete surface and floors in preparation for cleaning.

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