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Bioaugmentation and the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Bioscience, Inc., has had many inquiries as to the feasibility of bacterial cleanup of the Gulf oil spill. Bioscience, Inc. has several field proven microbial products for these types of applications. (For example, MICROCAT® – SK and XRCP for floating oil, BioBags for oil sheens, MICROCAT – XBS for oil on a beach or in a marsh, MICROCAT – SMPL for oil on a hard surfaces or in the open ocean, MICROCAT – XRT for boat bilges, and MICROCAT – NPN and NPC nutrients for all these.)

However, as with any bioremediation application, the particular growth requirements of the bacteria to be used and the physical and chemical characteristics of the environment (the seawater, marshes, sediments and beaches) must be considered.